Other projects

Amsterdam UMC has an impressive art collection. When you walk through the buildings, you take a walk through the post-war Dutch art history. They breathe art. The collection has more than 6800 works, most of which hang in public spaces.

Kunst in tijden van corona

In the midst of the pandemic, which is putting a lot of pressure on Amsterdam UMC, it seems almost unthinkable to deal with apparently less important matters such as art. That thought was the reason to invite artists and writers to reflect on covid-19. Eleven visual artists and ten writers were given the same assignment: imagine or describe the influence of corona.

A building that radiates art

After 16 years, the AMC has a brand new art catalog again: ‘A building that radiates art’. This catalogue, which offers a clear overview of more than three hundred recent purchases and art commissions from 2003, was presented on 14 November 2019 during the Anatomy Lesson, the annual public lecture of Amsterdam UMC.